Enze Xie (谢恩泽)

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I am a PhD student in The University of Hong Kong (HKU) since 2019.10, supervised by Prof. Ping Luo and co-supervised by Prof. Wenping Wang. I also work very close with my friend Wenhai Wang and Prof. Chunhua Shen. I obtained B.S. from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and M.S. from TongJi University. From 2018 to present, I interned in Face++ and SenseTime.

My research interest includes computer vision and deep learning. Recently I focus on detection/segmentation and self-supervised representation learning. I am maintaining OpenSelfSup, a popular self-supervised learning framework.

Publications and Manuscripts

(* indicates equal contribution)


Synthetic-to-Real Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Scene Text Detection in the Wild

Weijia Wu, Lu Ning, Enze Xie, Hong Zhou
ACCV2020 [arXiv] [code]

Segmenting Transparent Objects in the Wild

Enze Xie, Wenjia Wang, Wenhai Wang, Mingyu Ding, Chunhua Shen, Ping Luo
ECCV2020 [arXiv] [code & dataset]

Scene Text Image Super-Resolution in the Wild

Wenjia Wang*, Enze Xie*, Xuebo Liu, Wenhai Wang, Ding Liang, Chunhua Shen, Xiang Bai
ECCV2020 [arXiv] [code & dataset]

Differentiable Hierarchical Graph Grouping for Multi-Person Pose Estimation

Sheng Jin, Wentao Liu, Enze Xie, Wenhai Wang, Chen Qian, Wanli Ouyang, Ping Luo
ECCV2020 [arXiv]

AE TextSpotter: Learning Visual and Linguistic Representation for Ambiguous Text Spotting

Wenhai Wang, Xuebo Liu, Xiaozhong Ji, Enze Xie, Ding Liang, ZhiBo Yang, Tong Lu, Chunhua Shen, Ping Luo
ECCV2020 [arXiv] [Project Web]

PolarMask: Single Shot Instance Segmentation with Polar Representation

Enze Xie*, Peize Sun*, Xiaoge Song*, Wenhai Wang, Ding Liang, Chunhua Shen, Ping Luo
CVPR 2020 (Oral) [arXiv] [code] [知乎] [雷锋网talk]

Efficient and Accurate Arbitrary-Shaped Text Detection with Pixel Aggregation Network

Wenhai Wang*, Enze Xie*, Xiaoge Song, Yuhang Zang, Wenjia Wang, Tong Lu, Gang Yu, Chunhua Shen
ICCV 2019 [arXiv] [code]

Shape Robust Text Detection with Progressive Scale Expansion Network

Wenhai Wang*, Enze Xie*, Xiang Li, Wenbo Hou, Tong Lu, Gang Yu, Shuai Shao
CVPR 2019 [arXiv] [code]

Scene Text Detection with Supervised Pyramid Context Network

Enze Xie*, Yuhang Zang*, Shuai Shao, Gang Yu, Cong Yao, Guangyao Li
AAAI 2019 [arXiv]

Tech Report

SelfText Beyond Polygon: Unconstrained Text Detection with Box Supervision and Dynamic Self-Training

Weijia Wu*, Enze Xie* , Ruimao Zhang, Wenhai Wang, Guan Pang, Zhen Li, Hong Zhou, Ping Luo
Tech report, arXiv:2003.07557 [arXiv] [code]

1st Place Solutions for OpenImage2019--Object Detection and Instance Segmentation

Yu Liu, Guanglu Song, Yuhang Zang, Yan Gao, Enze Xie, Junjie Yan, Chen Change Loy, Xiaogang Wang
Tech report, arXiv:2003.07557 [arXiv]

TextSR: Content-Aware Text Super-Resolution Guided by Recognition

Wenjia Wang*, Enze Xie*, Peize Sun, Wenhai Wang, Lixun Tian, Chunhua Shen, Ping Luo
Tech report, arXiv:1909.07113 [arXiv] [code]
Improved version has been accepted by ECCV2020


Rank 1 in Open Images 2019 - Instance Segmentation

Rank 1 in ICDAR 2019 Arbitrary-Shaped Text Detection

Rank 2 in ICDAR 2019 Large-scale Street View Text Detection

Professional Activities

Reviewer for CVPR, IJCAI, WACV, ACCV

SPC for IJCAI2021


Hong Kong Computer Vision Workshop(HKCVW) : "Realtime Text Detection"

Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) VCG : "New Representation in Instance Segmentation"

Honours and Awards

Outstanding Master Thesis Award, Tongji University

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